Our Philosophy

Quality – Practicality – Aesthetic


[{from Greek συμμετρία symmetria < syn + metron (σύν + μέτρον} 
{συμμετρία symmetria "agreement in dimensions, due proportion, arrangement"}
{{the harmony that results from this relationship}]

Quality and authenticity in product aesthetics is our mantra. To us, symmetry is part of all aspects of life.

We believe that our home and home decoration is the extension of our character and that, harmony and beauty are the key ingredients while shaping our character.

We believe in a world where the lifespan of a product should not be 6 months or 1 year but half a century. We are here to give you the opportunity to buy products that will become part of your life. Products that you will enjoy using, appreciate their quality, admire their beauty and create memories with.

Our Products

Our products are produced in European countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Greece as well as selected Asian countries such as India in a specific product category (rugs) knowing first hand that the products are manufactured based on the principles of ethical fashion. All Symmetry Living products are designed by our team and sold exclusively on our website.  

The brand name is officially configured in Greece and Europe by the Greek Ministry of Economy and Development and our products are certified by GS1 Association Greece in Greece and Europe.

Our Company

Symmetry Living was created by John and Angeliki Venetakis with the encouragement of friends and customers from all over the world. With a combined 15-year experience in retail (home décor and furniture) we continue with the same passion for a prettier world. We choose and create products based on the principles of ethical fashion, made from the best materials available and people that are happy to create, produce and offer to us. Design, production, distribution and use concern all of us. With the power of choice, we put our stamp and create a better world for us and our children.

14 Maiou 50 68100 Greece Alexandroupolis
+302551084914 info@symmetry-living.com