Spring decoration ideas: How to decorate your living room with sofa throws and pillows

5 ways to decorate your living room in the ultimate spring style

As the weather gets warmer with days being brighter and longer spring decoration inevitably emerges in our minds. It invites us to a pleasant need of bringing a fresh atmosphere at home. Therefore, starting with some early spring basic changes you will freshen up your living room in a style you’ll love!

These first steps of transformation can be very easy. There’s no need to make a complete spring decoration, just change the most appropriate and absolutely necessary accessories. Quite simply, now is the time to put away all the heavy winter fabrics and colors in your living room and replace them with light and bright coloured spring sofa throws and decorative pillows. 

The ultimate accessories and inseparable pieces each living room requires are couch throws and decorative pillows. No doubt, it is a practical affair of comfort but also an impressive atmosphere that has a welcoming aura for your guests.

Spring decoration becomes rejuvenating, raising your mood when the process of placing light throws on your couch, mixing & matching one or more and adding decorative pillows next to each other, even tossed on carpet. This variety inspires creativity resulting in a space with a renewed burst of freshness.

1. Spring decoration in maximalist style

Spring maximalist decoration hits the spot and revamps your mood while saying goodbye to all the warm and lush textures of winter fabrics. Your living room should focus on bright colors, soft or geometric patterns and mostly a rich explosion of floral motifs in calm and light fabrics.

Embrace a blend of coloured throws and decorative pillows that cheer a stunning maximalist expression while looking exuberant through bright sunbeams. Take up the challenge to always discover the potential of your living room from different perspectives that never goes out of style!

2. Spring decoration in careless style

Explore the opportunity to awaken a more careless scheme in your everyday life. All you have to do is combine eclectic quality fabrics in throws and decorative pillows. No matter how you place them, they can create the most glamorous vibe. Create an exuberant style, pleasantly stated by movement and energy of a space that is lively every day.


3. Spring decoration in a harmonious aura

If you still like to associate all your favourite items, but you also want to maintain a classy style, then one suggestion is placing open throws evenly folded and accordingly decorative pillows be arranged symmetrically. You will succeed with this method of applying a variety of colors and accents, through a balance that suits your mood and gives a harmonious result.

Source: New Smart Design

4. Spring Boho decoration

Through the latest trends of interior decoration, there’s always one exciting style that matches your mood. Also, trends can help you transform your living room each season. This spring for example, try giving a change of your space by switching trends. A classic decor can adopt a more fresh and modern appearance by choosing boho throws in exciting bright colors and patterns. Or soft shades of pink, blue, or green in contrast with brown, beige or ivory. Paired with decorative pillows in various designs, mixing textures and colors create a lively decor while the result can be breathtaking.

Tip: Place any extra boho throws in a woven basket next to the couch and ideally keep them stored for some extra warmth if needed.

Source: Gray Living Room

5. Spring decoration on flip sides

The Symmetry Living throws have unique designs that offer you a chance to shift the atmosphere of your living room as often as you wish. By reversing sides, tonal decorating becomes the key with the colour contrast of each side. Similarly, with any rearrangements and rotations, you’ll change the sides to decorative pillows. Depending on the play of styling, which side you choose to display, the mix of patterns and colors you create, it’ll give you an endless variety. Your living room will constantly be different!

Spring throws that fit everywhere

Spring throws in light fabrics are the ideal armchair accessory. Decorate your sofa in a plethora of decorative pillows, sofa throws on the armchair and add a touch of warm aura in your living room. Maintain a fresh and modern style through an expression that swifts the focal point of your living room, creating a more cozy atmosphere.

Welcome spring season with quality products

New trends for home decor impose intense interiors in bright colors, daring or even exaggerant. The ideal way to discover which spring throws revive your space is to choose fabrics with a light texture feel, in colors that fit your personality and best suit your furniture. However, before making any selection you should know and be certain you always choose quality fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton or natural acrylic (chenille).

Natural fabrics lack chemical paints and finishing additives. From high standards in textile art and traditional techniques, they preserve softness and the advantages of natural fibers.

Select quality sofa throws and decorative cushions that offer a unique transition to a home decor of dazzling colors resilient over time. Luxury aesthetic with color accents in throws that are resistant to fading from frequent use. Timeless eccentric color tone boho throws, hypoallergenic, skin-friendly that naturally absorb moisture. Pleasant to touch, giving the feeling of both softness and coolness. You will encounter how important it is making choices based on aesthetics, while investing in natural fabrics that will last in the long run.

Spring will also bring a boost of senses with those elegant aromas and bright colors that represent this beautiful season. Those exciting matching accessories in your home are the ones that will inspire your most vibrant and uplifting mood. Perfect for the springtime quality living.