10 tips that will give your home the ultimate winter mood

Winter decor in the UAE

It has been a few days that the weather is nice, and you can actually go for a walk without sweating like crazy and in fact there are some nights that you might feel a chill or even cold (without an open AC). Decorating our homes for winter and start taking care of each space is a perfect way to enjoy this season. Admittedly, winter is that time of year that is perhaps the most favorite here in the UAE compared to the rest of the western world.
A look at seasonal decorating ideas will give you the motivation to have (an always enjoyable experience) which is the decorating of your home. Starting with autumn colours that will inspire you to do the necessary changes, use references from the traditions of this season, or even new trends in interior design. In any case, mostly, get ready for a tour through tips that will bring out the beautiful warmth interpreted by the low temperatures and that will encourage you to make your home feel fresh and new.

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1. Seasonal style decoration

Speaking of autumn-winter, the thought of warm shades comes naturally to our minds. In addition, this season has one of the brightest colour palettes for home decoration. It is well-known that earthy colours such as cinnamon, caramel and terracotta are very delightful tones. Shades like golden yellow and golden brown are inspired by nature adding even more texture hues from the earth's natural atmosphere and instantly give a warmer feel to any interior.

Thus, a décor with such color accents and rich textures on fabrics, gives you the urge to coat your home with more warmth, to be maintained throughout the winter. The best way to accomplish this is to combine duvet covers, throws, decorative pillows and quilts. Creating layers, adding coatings and accessories on one another to increase their volume, resulting to a greater emphasis to the space with warmth in a maximalist style.
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2. Winter breeze colors and upright trends

Colors associated with winter are the browns, oranges and yellows, all the colors that represent nature. Winter decoration focuses on the shades of all these colors. However, let's not forget the beauty and softness in the hues of dried flowers and of course the seasonal plants.

Select from this color palette as the primary base that sets the tone and by adding a few more an even richer effect is created. For example, in the overall dominant shades of earthy season colors, give a more sophisticated look by selecting pillows in dark pink, purple or red blush. A stylish way to enrich the spaces of your home and keep the vitality that expresses you the most.

3. Upgrade your space with art

Interior design in recent years has shown a love for geometric shapes and patterns. From Ethnic Boho Chic to Art Deco, this trend becomes timeless but at the same time constantly evolving through fresh proposals like this year’s inspiration from Cubism art movement. Clean surfaces and straight lines provide an artistic contrast to any styling you apply. Find the balance you want and with every season change, you will be able to maintain a romantic charm and art style.

4. New trends in monochromacy

Color tones and their combinations are chosen as mood setters making your home vibrant and each color evokes a feeling. The choice of decoration should always be based on what represents your personality the most. You don’t need to have a big range of colors for a rich effect. Monochrome aesthetics are also offered by luxury, accentuating the atmosphere with objects, but mainly pillows, of various tones of the basic color.

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This type of aesthetic can give:
  1. 1. Depth in your space
  2. 2. Warmth
  3. 3. The harmony that expresses your personality
By layering your room and choosing accessories in the same color range and effectively combining them, you will automatically achieve this multi-dimensional look.

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5. The return of black

A new trend for this winter decoration is going to be the return of black and there are many ways to integrate it into your home. Even though the most dominant interior design trends follow the most eccentric colors in all combinations and shades, if you like the timeless value of black, now is the time to enjoy it.

Give black details to your space with accessories, pillows and details on a monochrome sofa or with a very warm textured throw, up to the carpet. Blending striking eccentric patterns with geometric shapes will become a practice you can apply to any room with the impressive contrast of white and black.

6. Simple and Structured

Winter is the perfect time to indulge to the natural conditions at home, without altering the air. Transform each interior with a new décor, in harmony with the pleasant temperatures but also to feel a comfortable warmth when necessary and a very welcoming aesthetic. Every space requires changes to make your interior look balanced to the shift of this very enjoyable season. All rooms transform to accommodate the cooler temperatures that are already here. Thus, the prime role will be played by the warm fabrics, the cosy aesthetics and the noble style of decoration.

A good and simple way to do this is to multiply the patterns of decorative pillows. Combine many different modern aesthetics, not based on any rules but all the patterned designs, creating a rich, luxurious feel that invites you to an endless matching game. Each time you change their positions, your space and your mood will be change accordingly. Each item or accessory complements the next in a harmonic dance, the warm blanket, the wicker basket or the pattern of your carpet.

7. The leading elements are warm fabrics

The first step to this season’s changing decor and the transformation of your home with warmth begins by adding lush textured textiles and letting them become a source of inspiration. The carpets, pillows, throws and quilts on the couch, all add personality and a very cozy atmosphere. Try embossed patterns such as a quilted pattern, velvet, eco-friendly fur or coarse knitwear and enjoy the touch of the winter fabrics.

8. Winter decoration with brightness and eco aesthetics

Looking on the new trends in interior design there is a tendency for our lives to be in harmony with nature and a serious concern for our footprint. In other words, our everyday life at home is environmentally friendly - and this behavior contributes to the concept of the ecological trend. Choose only natural fabrics such as 100% cotton, wool or linen and knitted wall macrame to ensure that they comply with the highest quality standards. With respect to our well being and to the natural environment.

9. Everyday products on a very special role

All items in your home have a certain value. All these everyday products are the stylistic details and by the way they are applied they contribute to the overall harmony of your home. Enhance the overall atmosphere of each room with details of tones and accents. Create a color palette for bathroom essentials, or pick towels in a pattern design. For your bedroom choose bed sheets and pillows in a variety of pastel shades, fitting the mix & match aesthetic applied in perfect balance.

10. Prepare yourselves for a luxurious winter

The one fabric for the ultimate winter decoration is definitely velvet. A highly luxurious but also an extremely durable fabric with its soft and dense weave which results in this light-rich shine making its colors particularly intense. Try decorative pillows of different shapes and sizes, in your living room or bedroom which can result in a very impressive result. The characteristics of velvet and its unique color value will always be in the top ten of winter style decoration.

The essence of winter in interior design is perfectly identified with warm spaces, rich textiles and elaborated layers even though regardless of how your individual aesthetic will be welcoming the cold outside. Winter is also identified for the festive period. It is the period where your home decoration translates in to greater elegance and a sense of luxury. There are many ways to bring this magical time to any area of your home with a feeling of prosperity and comfort for you and your guests.