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The website www.symmetry-living.com is an ecommerce business that focuses on home décor products. Based in Alexandroupolis, Greece address: 14 Maiou 50, postal code 68100. Legally represented by the company Venetakis Ant. & SIA OE. Email address info@symmetry-living.com phone number: +302551084914.

The below terms and conditions are applied for the use of the online store under the name: symmetry-living brand with the URL address www.symmetry-living.com. Any user who enters and uses the services of the online store (hereinafter referred to as "visitor" and / or "user" or "customer" depending on whether is only visiting the store or making a purchase) he/she consents and accepts the following terms (except for Personal Data Protection) without any exception. If any user does not agree with these terms should avoid visiting and making any transaction on the www.symmetry-living.com website.

General Terms

THE COMPANY reserves the right to modify / change the terms and conditions of the online store whenever it deems necessary and does not need to inform its consumers of any change through the pages of this electronic store. Contracts through the online store are compiled in the Greek language and in the event of any issues that might happen due to translation the prevailed language of the terms and conditions is Greek.

Information & Products Provided

The COMPANY is committed to the accuracy, the true and complete information regarding the identity of the COMPANY that is presented and the transactions provided through the online store (www.symmetry-living.com).

The Company is not responsible for any entries of electronic data made by mistake and is entitled to correct them whenever are found.

Limitation of Liability

THE COMPANY in the context of its transactions in the online store is not liable and obliged to compensate the customer for any damage resulting from the cancellation, non-execution and the delay of the order. The company does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed in the online store, but updates on the basis of the available information about the availability of products or not the customer interested and is responsible, in the event of any change, to inform the customers in good time about the unavailability of the product but has no further responsibility.

The online store provides the content (i.e. information, names, pictures, illustrations), products and services available via the online store “as you see them on the website”. The Company under no circumstances is corporate or statutory liable for any damage that might take place from the operation or non-operation of the website or in case the website cannot provide the services or/and the products displayed.

Intellectual Property Rights

The content of the ecommerce website including its logos, images, graphics, photos, text and everything else included are the intellectual property of the COMPANY and are protected are protected and are under the provisions of Greek law, European law and the international contract law in which the COMPANY has been licensed for its operation. It is forbidden to copy any content of the website and mislead the public to be used to mislead the public about the real provider of symmetry-living.com. The name, logos, images, graphics, photos, text and products/services included on the website describe the ecommerce with the name symmetry-living.com are assets of the company and are protected from the law regarding trademarks. The use of the above on our website does not give the right to any third party to use them. The use of the above from a third party for any reason is only allowed after a written consent from the COMPANY.

User’s Responsibility

The user/customer agrees to use the services, information and data of the ecommerce website as the law states and based on the rules of good faith and business ethics. The user/customer if prohibited to use the ecommerce website with the name and logo of symmetry-living.com to 1. Send via email post or transmit in any way that is illegal for any reason cause any unlawful insult and damage the COMPANY to any third party or infringes the confidentiality or confidentiality of any user’s/customer’s information/data. 2. Send via email post and offend the morals, social values, underage etc. 3. Send via email post or transmit any information in which the users do not have the right, according to the law (like: internal information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of an employment agreement or covered by confidentiality agreements). 4. Send via email post or transmit any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of third parties. 5. Send via email post or transmit any material which contents software virus or any passwords, archives or programs that have been designed to cause damage to any third party’s material. 6. intentional or unintentional violation of laws and regulations. 7. harassment of any third party in any way. 8. Gathering or saving of personal data of other users.
Privacy Policy
The company has created the current website with the only purpose of serving its customers. The website of symmetry-living.com is simple and friendly to the user and has been designed to respond to the needs of each user. To achieve the best service possible it is important, YOU, our customer to understand that you need to provide us with specific information that are needed to finalize an order. Information which are stored by us and can be removed if asked. The current privacy policy and the terms of use of this website describe the way which we collect information from the website of symmetry-living.com, the use of these information from us and the terms of use of this website. The current privacy policy refers exclusively to your private details in which you provide us while finalizing the order.

General Terms

The information that have voluntary been provided to us by the users of this website are used by symmetry-living.com so that its users can have instant and essential communication with the store, to provide them answers regarding specific questions that might have and finally to execute their orders. The information that symmetry-living.com collects through the website have as purpose to count the traffic, to define the requirements of its customers for more products and make the transaction process easier.

Collecting Information

Symmetry-living.com has designed its website so that the users can visit it without having to reveal their identity unless they want to. We only ask our customers to provide us with their private information only if they want to order a product or products, sign up to our page, sign up to our newsletter and/or email symmetry-living.com. 

Use of information: symmetry-living.com collects four types of information regarding its users:

1. Information that the user provides us while signing up as customers.
2. Information that the user provides us so that the order can be executed.
3. Information that the user provides us when signs up on competitions that might take place.
4. Information that the user provides us while signing up through another platform (Facebook, Google, Instagram). When completing any order form on our website, you will be asked for your name, address, postal code of your area, your e-mail address, your phone number, credit card details, and the payment method of the order. Furthermore, you may also be asked for more specific information, such as the shipping – delivery of the order, billing information, or information regarding an offer that you have provided us. Symmetry-living.com makes use of these information that you provide us during the form subscription so we can contact you regarding:

I. The delivery of the order to your location.
II. In order to confirm and identify the customer.
III. For new and alternative products that symmetry-living.com is offering.
IV. Special offers of symmetry-living.com.
V. To receive/send gifts after a competition. If you wish not to receive this type of communication you can email us at info@symmetry-living.com with the title UNSUBSCRIBE

For any orders we require to collect your personal details to deliver or keep the order on hold. Furthermore, for the use of credit/debit card.

In the case you provide us with the above details it automatically implies that you agree these details to be used by the employees of symmetry-living.com for the reasons stated above. Symmetry-living.com requires from its employees to provide their users/clients with the level security mentioned in this “Terms and Privacy” page. Please be aware that the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data collected online will be given only under certain conditions permitted or required by law or judicial decision. (for example, in case of a court decision).


Symmetry-living.com uses cookies to make the use and operation of its services easier. Cookies are archives saved on the personal computer of each user and allow websites such as symmetry-living.com to operate without any technical difficulties, to remember the user’s selections on the website, to recognize frequent users, to facilitate their access to it and to collect data to improve the content of the website. Cookies do not cause damage to the personal computer of the user and the archives saved in it. We use cookies to provide you information and finalize your orders. Keep in mind that cookies are absolutely necessary in order www.symmetry-living.com can be operated.
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