Living Room

Warm colors, eccentric motifs and textures transform the most important room of your house.


Enjoy a sense of warmth and refinement by dressing your space in style


Create your own personal space of relaxation and escape with inspirational patterns and sophisticated details in bed sheets, quilts and many more.

Decorative Pillows

Exclusive line of decorative pillows from luxurious velvet to boho textures and floral printed styles.

Home Decor with Symmetry Living

Whether you are looking for the perfect home makeover or only interested in changing your mood when in the house and you are in search for a fabulous decor each season, our collection of home products in quality linens, unique throws, decorative pillows and beautiful designs in rugs, Symmetry Living will satisfy your need for a more-than-meets-the-eye product that will complement your home.
In our online store you can find impressive designs in rich colours for the ultimate room rejuvenation in wide selection of sheets, duvets, pillows that are designed to match any décor. Natural fabrics made from 100% cotton in stylish zen or geometric patterns from the latest trends in home décor fashion.
Indulge your bedroom with lush bedding sets made from quality materials. The best natural fabrics of linen will emphasize colour accents and engage your bedroom’s wellness in a chic addition of a handmade rug made with traditional techniques.

For your bathroom, get a fresh touch of vivid colour on bathrobes, matching bath towels made with beneficial natural embossed textures. The wide range of tablecloths and table runners will amaze you and add a beautiful touch to your kitchen.
Symmetry Living offers you an ultimate timeless quality home decor with unique items you’ll love thanks to the extraordinary designs and quality materials. Applied traditional natural fibre weaving techniques on stunning designs is the perfect opportunity to showcase your style in a statement area rug or a layering of patterns in hallway rugs.

Explore our online shop for linen, home decor accessories and area rugs and be amazed to discover the infinite styling variations you can create when decorating your home because our online product list gives you the opportunity to choose between light blankets, throws, decorative pillows, duvet covers, pillowcases and many more.
Quality home décor products that you will love from the first sight.

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