Create your own personal space of relaxation and escape with inspirational patterns and sophisticated details in bed sheets, quilts and many more.

Living Room

Warm colors, eccentric motifs and textures transform the most important room of your house.


Enjoy a sense of warmth and refinement by dressing your space in style

Decorative Pillows

Exclusive line of decorative pillows from luxurious velvet to boho textures and floral printed styles.


Revitalize and freshen up your bathroom.

Our Story
We believe that our home and home decoration is the extension of our character and that, harmony and beauty are the key ingredients while shaping our character.
We believe in a world where the lifespan of a product should not be 6 months or 1 year but half a century. We are here to give you the opportunity to buy products that will become part of your life. Products that you will enjoy using, appreciate their quality, admire their beauty and create memories with.
14 Maiou 50 68100 Greece Alexandroupolis