Festive Season Decoration

Festive Season Decoration

Festive season Decoration

The Festive season is already near and it’s only a few days since we will start decorating for everyone's favorite holiday! Whatever the taste, we start envisioning decors of many bright ornaments to become real, and we always want our home to look ever brighter and reflect the spirit of every moment, to have this ideal atmosphere that will have our guests dazzled and impressed with the brilliance and taste.

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Your first thoughts when it comes to Festive season decoration would always be about the tree and the space around it, the living room, as well as the dining room. However, everyone in the past has thought at least once on how to decorate my home for the Festive season season.
Places where we welcome our guests so we want to attract the most attention with its radiance and the festive mood. The arranging of Festive season decor is always done according to our needs and of course the potential of each space that we lovingly take care with the most creative way.

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The ultimate Festive season styling

Let's start with the classic, or in other words what we know as traditional, decoration. Red and green are the classic combination of Festive season colors, and you can use these color combinations in many different ways. You can choose many different accessories for your living room with little trees and reindeer patterns. Use sofa throw and decorative pillows that give a sense of warmth and comfort. Remember, the Festive season season is a maximalist celebration. And if you use a table runner from the same series you immediately create the perfect festive look.

Dining room

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Let your personal choices inspire on how to create your dining room style. You will be surprised to find out that the decor will reminisce you of previous family memories, as well as memorable moments from gatherings with your guests.

Festive dining table layering

For your dining table choose one or more table runners to give more color and pattern and enhance the decoration. In this way, not only you will give the feeling of luxury, but will transform the classic decor into a fresher – newer - modern version of it. It is an excellent choice as it delivers a playful and sophisticated elegance. Make it even more cozy and welcoming by adding decorative pillows.

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Choose a main tablecloth, in a design that suits your taste, in colours of red and green which is a must for the festive season. After adding your dinnerware and glassware on the table, you will have a rich and timeless image that impresses.

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A memorable Festive season table

Focus of colous and elements that enhance a bright and rich style in your dining table. This is where we spend several hours with our family but let’s not forget is the place where we keep all the delicious Festive season sweets and cookies, placed on embellished platters.

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Festive season bedroom

Spread a Festive season ambience everywhere by decorating more spaces in your home! Usually for Festive season decor we make sure to adorn areas designated for hosting our guests, but most times we neglect all the other areas in the house we can decorate. Without having to add ornaments, transform your bedroom by combining deep red or green duvet covers or quilts with green pillowcases. Add throw pillows in bronze and gold tones which reflect light making your bedroom sparkle with festive luxury.

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Decorating in monochrome

Red and green are the traditional colors for an ultimate Festive season decoration, but new trends have emerged with different color other than the traditional ones and one of them is blue. It is a color that will create a more exterior feel, it is like bringing the snowy winter breeze to your cozy and comfortable home. It fits perfectly with the two metallic colors, silver and gold and if you want to enhance that atmosphere you can add royal blue accents.

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Decoration in monochrome combinations is becoming more and more popular and can be created very easy by matching many objects from the same colour tone. Bringing a high level of aesthetics and the result comes with minimal effort.

Linen decoration

White is also a very classic colour for Festive season decoration as it offers brightness and the nobility of tradition. Your dining room will have the luxury of linen and as the holiday season is an occasion that requires you to use your formal dinnerware, you can upgrade it to a more luxurious version by just adding gold or bronze elements. The pattern of dishes, glassware and everything else is of equal importance to the overall result for the table setting. Add gold elements and branches from the Festive season tree for a more luxurious effect.

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Another very effective way to decorate your festive dinner table is to add embroidered patterned table runners, one or more, to the vertical side for designated sitting areas, matching your linen tablecloth.

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Modern Festive season Decor

The dining table decoration can be a very fun experience during the festive season - and why not experiment with new trends in interior design. Do not hesitate to organize your tableware combining black & white table lines. In a very simple way your festive table will look sophisticated if you opt for ambient lighting with some black candles and additional black elements.

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The moment we all get ready for Festive season, where the houses are adorned with glowing lights and a plethora of festive decorations, is overwhelming with a wonderful feeling of euphoria. The Festive season tree is packed with gifts and the dining room becomes the main focus of our home because of the Festive season dinner.

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