Gift Guide Vol 2: Το Symmetry Living φέρνει τα Χριστούγεννα!

Gift Guide Vol 2: Symmetry Living Brings Christmas!

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This year at Symmetry Living, we're dressing a little more festive, a little more Christmassy and becoming a lot more giving, which is why we've created two detailed Gift Guides so you can show your love in action to your loved ones!

The second part of our Gift Guide is very festive and includes exclusively Christmas options for gifts that stand out and start from less than 30 euros!

Below you will find the most festive gifts that will bring Christmas to every home in the sweetest and simplest way! Take notes!

In addition, don't forget that this year along with your gifts you can also send your wishes! After choosing the gifts you like, don't forget to write the wish you want in the shopping cart and we will take action! We will pack your gifts with the most festive wrapping, write the wish you wish and send them to every corner of Greece!

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If your friends love bright colors and decorate their home early to make it look like a fairy tale Christmas then they will love the totally festive Christmas Tree Table Runner and Christmas Tree Decorative Pillow Case.

With a playful pattern of Christmas trees, they will complement the festive setting in the best way!

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If you are still looking for a more classic option, we recommend the Christmas Tree Blue table runner and the Christmas Tree Blue decorative pillow case with gold details for the most chic Christmas decoration!

Be sure that even the most demanding will be impressed with this gift!

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For lovers of gray shades, a special choice is the Let It Snow table runner and decorative pillow case.

The black and red details make the difference and really set a festive tone that will turn the living room into the most welcoming corner of the house!

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If you now want your loved ones to spend the holidays in a home that will be filled with joy and festive mood, all you have to do is choose the Santa table runner and the perfectly matching Santa decorative pillow case.

This Christmas minimal design on the runner can be uniquely combined in both the living room and the dining room and give a sense of elegance, while the decorative pillow case with its light texture will surely become their favorite piece!

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Those who love Christmas and minimal decoration will love the 5 unique pieces of our new Christmas collection.

Wonderful patterns and festive colors will bring some of the joy and magic of Christmas to every home!

All the nostalgic memories that come to mind during the holidays are gathered in the Christmas Corvette table runner and the Christmas Corvette pillow.

Christmas trees, gifts, hot drinks and sweets, create the most dreamy festive world!

This pattern will be loved by friends and acquaintances and they will happily incorporate it into their holiday decorations.

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Of course, we couldn't help but have options for lovers of darker shades and a stricter style in decoration.

Candy Pine table runner and Candy Pine decorative pillow case in charcoal and light pink shades for your refined friends!

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Finally, our favorite pillow case is officially the Tree Star! White base and minimal details, from Christmas trees and stars, dominate its design.

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A gift and a wish is an occasion to remind those you love how you feel about them! That's why this year, we did something different so that every gift you get from Symmetry Living is accompanied by the wish you want to convey!

Visit our website, find your favorite Christmas gifts, write in the shopping baskets the wish you wish to send and let us travel to every corner of Greece with gifts, love and wishes!

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