our company

Symmetry Living is a Greek design and production brand.

With experience in the field of retail furniture, home goods and decoration for over 35 years, we continue with passion for a more beautiful world.

We design, create and select products based on the principles of ethical fashion, made from the best materials, by people who are happy to create them and offer them to us.

Design, production, disposition and use concern us all and make a world that we all create together with the power of our choice.

our products

Our products come from European countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Holland and Greece as well as selected Asian countries such as India in the category of handmade products, knowing firsthand that the products are manufactured based on the principles of ethical fashion.

The brand name is recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Development in Greece and throughout Europe and our products are certified by GS1 Association Greece at national and European level.