Cozy βραδιές στον καναπέ με stylish ριχτάρια

Cozy evenings on the sofa with stylish throws

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The low temperatures and the cold that has caught on for good remind us that we are in the heart of winter and there is no better way than to spend this winter period in a cozy corner of our house, and of course on our favorite sofa!

The easiest and most economical way to change your sofa, turning it into the warmest corner of the house is the throw - one of the must-have winter decorations.

Symmetry Living's selection of seasonal throws will upgrade the look of your sofa, even if it's older, while giving you that extra dose of warmth you're looking for.

Don't forget that throws protect sofas and increase their lifespan.

Black and White Ikat Throw

For lovers of geometric patterns, the Black and White Ikat Throw will keep you happy all winter long! The absolutely statement throw in a modern ikat design for a total black and white stylish decoration style, will upgrade and give warmth to your space.

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Ogee Cream Thrower

If your living room has retro references, or if you are a fan of them, then the Ogee Cream throw is the perfect choice! It is a double-sided throw that can match and combine perfectly with monochrome or colorful options in your living room and sofa. Make a difference by choosing it and it will surely excite!

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Chevron Grey-Mint Throw

Wondering if you can combine quality and aesthetics? The Chevron Grey-Mint throw in a modern linear pattern design, with a retro mood, highlights the tones of gray through a very soft mint-grey feel. It will definitely give your sofa a feeling of liveliness and warmth!

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Berber Dark Gray throw

Last but not least, the Berber Dark Gray throw will fit like a glove with the cozy winter mood of your living room! Create the ultimate tone to tone monochrome effect, combined with the most current trend Scandi with African twist style and enjoy its innovative aesthetics.

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Did you imagine any of the above throws in your own space?

We may have revealed 4 of our most stylish options to easily update your sofa, but we are sure you will find your own combination to enjoy the cozy atmosphere in your living room.

Browse our online store and find the ideal throws that will dress up your sofa uniquely this winter.

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