Line art στυλ και διακόσμηση σπιτιού

Line art style and home decor

Line Art, the trend that all influencers love and has conquered Pinterest! Figures and faces are formed by the fluid movement of a single line and create the most eye-catching trend in decoration. The line is one of the 7 basic elements of art that artists mix in order to compose a work of art! Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso are just some of those who dared to break the complex designs and create compositions with more simplified elements based on the forms and the movement of the lines. So we are talking about a type of art that has been around since the 20th century!

In your busy and stimulating everyday life, Line Art Trend is here to give your space a sense of peace and tranquility. Products with Line Art style can be found in carpets, throws, paintings and decorative pillows. The colors vary but keep a harmonious palette that rests the eyes and gives a sense of freedom. Line drawings do not usually have a specific theme - figures, faces and abstract compositions are created as a result of the movement of lines. It is therefore no coincidence that this technique has been linked to the concept of illusion, since from any point of view one looks at the artistic creation, one will certainly "meet" two or more meanings!

This particular, minimalist, painting technique will give your space the renewal it needs and upgrade it aesthetically! Oh yes, it's no coincidence that in every millennial home you admire on social media you'll find Line Art decorative items. So how can you incorporate this trend into your space? Start with some decorative pillows in both the bedroom and the living room – a small but significant intervention that will give a minimal but impressive touch of change to your space. If you are in the category of bold people who love to adopt trends to the fullest and are not afraid of changes, dare it on larger surfaces such as carpets, throws and wallpapers!

The harmony of colors, the sense of continuity and freedom and the abstract mood make the Line Art style almost timeless. So we are talking not only about a trend but about a style in decoration that is here to stay! So dare to renew your space and give a refined aesthetic result with Line Art decorative objects. Don't forget how important it is after a long day to find the harmony and warmth you need in your space – a harmony that Line Art decoration promises to the fullest!

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