Living Room Decoration - #stayhome edition

Living Room Decoration - #stayhome edition

Living Room Decoration - #stayhome edition

Create an attractive living room with the luxury of time.

Making the most of our time at home during this quarantine period by being creative. Rearrange the decoration and add some spring flair to your living room.

Spring is in the air and you don't have to wait any longer to clear away all the winter decor products of your living room. Now is the time, clear out the "wintery" throws, decorative pillows, table runners and rugs and get ready to change them to colors and patterns that will bring the spring essence to your home.

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Spring decor in refreshing light blue tones

There are a few must-haves when it comes to decorating your house in spring. Before applying any decor an easy step is to focus on one color tone. Light blue can create a lovely, pleasant and cool result. While trying many combinations in matching decorative pillows and throws, associate them with the surrounding furniture, or add them in places that will show off the brightness of your space.

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Spring decoration with modern pastel colors

If you are in favor of a modern style and want your space to reflect the latest trends, then you definitely fit in a decor with a variety of pastel colors and patterns. Dare to add stripes to the scenery and incorporate them with any other geometric patterns or floral prints.

Such designs have the ability to draw attention in a room and they create an illusion of a larger space.

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Your living room decoration, in the perhaps limited time you have had so far, has the opportunity to change to an attractive atmosphere that radiates a fresh breeze of spring. Brighten up your home, your mood and create special moments for you and your family.

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