Decorate your home with a Maximalist style

Decorate your home with a Maximalist style

Decorate your home with a Maximalist style

Maximalist decor definition

Refresh your home in a rich mood. Imagine the luxury and nobility of Baroque, Renaissance, even the explosive 80s era. When these images get moved to the present day, filtered through our times, are translated into the top style of interior trend for the new year which dominates with all of its diversity, aesthetic, thus gives you the opportunity to transform your home into an environment full of vitality and positive energy.

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Maximalism has passed the endurance test of time and returns to awaken a brilliant, powerful and eccentric side of your taste. Don't expect to find rules on how-to, or what the layout of your space must be. Instead you will be asked to be inspirational, making a decisive personal expression shift. You are about to be impressed by the way it brings out your stylistic identity and thriving your creativity. All you need to do is simply take advantage of the opportunities that arise and mostly, innovate your thinking. Moreover, don't be surprised to discover how easily, and how comfortably it highlights your 'diversity'. After all, it's about your personal space and maximalism respects that. Every room in your home should reflect your personality, therefore, it will encourage you to decorate it -without exception- with all the objects you love. Do not hesitate to purchase an accessory like a wicker or straw basket , just because it brings out a memory or caused an emotional response. When this happens, then you have attained the maximalist philosophy.
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Source: Kismet House

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What should I do

Create variable looks for your home in a very simple way. But before you begin, think that the world of maximalism hides a secret for your space waiting to be revealed through an explosion of colors, types of furniture and lighting. It's in the details too, let every item be in a prominent position. Just a glance and immediately you'll understand what inspires the trend of maximalism, thus the result will absolutely excite you. Although, at first it all seems like a chaos-ridden decor, in reality this is far from the truth. If done well, your room will seem less distracting and your collection of lovingly selected objects will look organized in a refined and playful way. Therefore by creating a warm, yet romantic, even lively space, you make the decoration of your home a never-ending development. Also, by shifting objects (yes, nothing is absolute in maximalism) and by rearranging each layout, you refresh your mood every time. You can always add new objects. But do so with care, you must be methodical towards this personalization of each interior.

Maximalism in every room


A first step to decorating a space in a maximalist style is to rely on a tonal base of your favorite color. Apply it on the walls, an eccentric blanket or even a brightly colored quiver and then experiment with its shades. Remember, you don't have to look for perfection. Dare to combine different textures, choose a weave with texture or a tropical pattern that will add vibrancy and create an interesting result.

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A variety of textures and patterns on bedspreads, blankets, pillow cases and bed runners - everything that seems not fitting into other conventional decor styles, all blend together if you let your expression work freely. Try combining embossed quilts or duvets on tropical motifs, velvet monochromes and floral style for a beautifully layered room. Create a vibe that is different in every room. It will be evident that beyond comfort it also maintains character and warmth.

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Your bedroom will still have that special relaxing atmosphere you desire, which you can enrich by choosing a duvet cover in a vibrant color. This will further enhance the warmth of the room and by decorating your bedding in such a way you are able to express your most striking, eccentric ideas and create a truly unique environment.

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Make your bed have the ultimate lush look by covering with a throw or bed runner only on part of the bed. This will change your setting completely while adding a visual interest. Choose a bed runner or a fur blanket-throw. Another way is by organizing in groups of different objects, for example a fur pouf which escapes from the living room and adorns the floor in the corner of your bed.

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Refreshing your bedroom decor is easy, just rely on your instinct and spontaneous creativity. Don't be afraid to experiment with combinations. Even if you're thrilled to get a macrame or pleat pillow you've always wanted in a vibrant color tone, don't hesitate to decorate it with a velvet or a floral cushions. Even objects belonging to different time-era can match. Remember, maximalism thrives under your personal aesthetic and taste in design.


Imagine your kitchen being transformed and still retaining its functionality. Provide style with to it accessories by simply adding some "tasty" details with placemats, tablecloths or towels but also with decorative pillows or table runners.

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Maximalism and its' narration in interior design

The dominant colors

Maximalism means happy decoration. It exists to lift up your everyday life because it simply searches for your personal touches in each room. Giving you complete freedom to decorate with mix and match and overall organize your home as you see fit. Effectively you will then notice remarkable interaction between the items you love. Color combinations for your bedroom may be those of harmony, but Maximalism isn't for palettes. If so, they will be the hues you choose. You can create color contrasts for an eccentric effect. or you can rely on basic color accents. Don't forget the lavish advantages of mixing four tones or even more, when relying on shades, or combining tones into pairs that complement each other.

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If you love natural tones, you can follow on a group of warm or earthy colors and simply give a note of contrast to the accessories you choose. A great idea is velvet cushions but also natural or textured woven fabrics, with colors inspired by the elements of nature, water - fire - flowers and plants. Let yourself get extravagant and it will reward you with a sense of luxury.

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Decorating trends in the past used to set rules, limits and guidelines for your choices. Maximalism breaks out of them, bending the rules and moving away from any established order, with the intent to ignite your imagination. Bold colored walls like navy blue, dark green and deep shades of red encourage you to transform your space into fun and excitement and just as much as you want. If vibrant colors fascinate you, you can now go wild

Decorative throw pillows

Maximalism has a special emotional quality because it draws from the things you love. Whether you decorate with balance and elegance in monochrome or a plethora of floral patterns, such combinations bring your space to life. But it also has its own favorite objects such as the pillows which should definitely be included in any maximalist home.

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Source: Christian Lacroix

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Combine many different designs, patterns, colors and textures to achieve a luscious aesthetic. Add as many as possible on sofas, armchairs, beds, even on the floor.

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Source: Jungalow

Decorative pillows are practical, stylish and a great addition to any room. A valuable tip for you towards the ultimate result: choose decorative pillows in different shapes and sizes, the combination of small and large will create more emphasis.

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Whether modern or classic a furniture sofa needs proper enhanced styling for the attention it deserves in your living room. Sofa decoration with throws is super easy and it escalates the whole aesthetic, while at the same time reflecting a freedom of expression, combining vibrant colors and striking motifs. You can do this with layering and by elaborately folding fabrics and by adding accessories in a playful way like the pictures below.

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Once you have your basic furniture fitted, everything else will be finding its place once you start adding curtains, artwork, table lighting and carpets. Patterns can also play an important role anywhere in your room, from carpet to walls. Consider adding decor to your walls with a hanging handcrafted macrame or choose a carpet with a bold pattern that covers only a part of the floor. Pair different patterns in your room for a more dynamic approach and by covering with two or more carpets (layering) the overall effect can be dazzling and energizing.

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It is important for the ambience of your room to be linked not only to the style and rhythm of its objects, but also to the revival of elements from the past, but also towards the tone you want to give.. Maximalism challenges you to invent and decorate your space in such a way that it will awaken your emotions. In its broadest sense, it consists of a collection of objects where each one carries a story. The way you will express this vision, your home will narrate a story. Every part of your room can thrive if you are looking for a little adventure in interior design. Remember, opposite and unpredictable combinations are those that ensure uniqueness. Uniquely designed accessories can be just as bright in any space, adding style and functionality. Smart items like wicker baskets or a wicker storage bag are most welcome in maximalism. Regardless of how many different styles, influences or patterns you include, if you find a way to connect them to one another, your living room or bedroom will seem like the "unnatural" cohesion that will create a stylish and bold overturn of rules. A result that will give you the opportunity to experience interior decoration to its fullest and it will give your home the exciting and impressive change it deserves!

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