Sweet 60s - 70s

Sweet 60s - 70s

Intense colors, geometric shapes that stand out... Inspiration for the new collection... the colorful but subversive decade of the 60s-70s!

Do you want to try incorporating the energy of colors that our new collection brings into your space? With a few additions you will have an immersive effect that will give your living room an air of renewal!

Color intensity:

The cool and warm tones in the Sweet 60s - 70s collection not only coexist but complement each other and give character to your living room. A riot of colors make up the image of the trend we loved, the trend of the 60s-70s:

Hymn to Mix & Match

Dare to combine different patterns, textures and play with geometric shapes! If there's one thing we love more than the bright colors in this trend, it's the freedom in combining textures and patterns! Discover those details that will give your home the vintage aesthetics of the 60s with a modern look:

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