Tender Cotton Nights & Naps!

Tender Cotton Nights & Naps!

The renewal of the house starts from the space we dream of, from the space where we feel the greatest security and peace, the space that "empties" our mind, our bedroom!

Nature, guide of our creations
By creating white goods from entirely natural fibers, we achieve, in addition to extending the "lifetime" of the product, creating products that are friendly to us and our skin!

At Symmetry Living we know the importance of a good night's sleep for an even better awakening and we emphasize the selection of products that focus on quality and all our blankets are made of 100% natural cotton!

Applying the stonewashed fabric technique, the blankets fit perfectly on any bed with the dimension and texture remaining unchanged from wash to wash.

So, by choosing from Symmetry Living's handmade collection of bedspreads, you ensure that your favorite product will retain its aesthetic elegance as well as its softness over the years!

Blankets, all-weather linens
Are the days starting to get warmer but the nights are staying cool? The number 1 spring choice, which will compensate you by giving you a restful sleep, are blankets! Dare to brighten up your bedroom by choosing colors from the spring palette such as Romance Lavender or sunset tones!

If you just want to add color or style to your bedroom choose to adopt the much-loved trend of layering all year round and create images taken from a magazine!

The ideal for you
Your bedroom is as unique as you are! That's why, at Symmetry Living, we've created a collection where you can find what represents you!

Romantic mood: We have chosen blankets for you in pastel tones of pink and off-white:

Tropical mood: Feel even closer to nature thanks to the colors of green shades:

Chic & Classy mood: Symmetry Living advocates simplicity and harmony in white goods creations offers options in beige and mint tones:

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