Vintage χαλιά σε νέο στυλ για το Φθινόπωρο

Vintage rugs in a new style for Autumn

Vintage rugs in a new style for Autumn

Secrets and decorating ideas with new vintage carpets for the change of season but also for the whole year

Vintage rugs add style, comfort, color and unmatched quality to any decor. There are quite a few characteristics that make a vintage-style handmade rug the best choice for decorating your space.

With the right choice, according to what suits your space, it is enough to add one or more of new vintage style rugs or neoclassical rugs, which can transform and fill the atmosphere in the room. Lay down a rug, apply a different arrangement to decorative cushions and throws and it's sure to change the aura of your space - it's always a great practice to transform the space with a completely brand new style.

The main reason, perhaps, that a neoclassical rug, as well as a new style vintage rug is an ideal choice, is because they have a timeless look that allows you to use them all year round.

Cozy Decoration with Vintage Rugs

Choosing a vintage-style carpet in a decoration that harmonizes neutral tones with pale shades and modern details does not mean that this atmosphere will be sacrificed. The appropriate shade on the carpet complements the space and the elaborate designs enrich the image. Create a cozy atmosphere with velvet or faux fur decorative pillows to add more warmth.

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A new vintage carpet in a modern ethnic decoration

Give a modern note to the ethnic decoration and elevate the aesthetics of the space in autumn. Add an eye-catching rug. An oriental handmade carpet with a special weaving technique, in a wonderful classic design and special colors is all you need. How amazing vintage rugs go with jute rugs is now one of the basic rules of interior decorating. They create a unique base to build your own color palette and you can use them all year round - in every season!

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Decorate your dining room with a new vintage rug

The new vintage carpets are the ones that can give the romantic atmosphere to the decoration, like no other carpet. The impressive delicate floral patterns in the soft shades can be found in variety in our collection and in the most special color palettes to spark your interest and imagination. The durability they have and the property of being washable and easy to clean give the appropriate ease of use. For busy spaces as well as for your dining room, a vintage-style rug will surely become a source of inspiration.

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Lay new vintage rugs for Chic-maximal style

Boldness, imagination and smart combinations are the characteristics of a maximalist decoration . So creating a beautiful focal point through layering, in vintage style rugs will give a quality and timeless atmosphere to the whole. Through the freedom of having richly pleated throws left on your armchair or sofa. With decorative cushions even adorning the floor - you'll see that the result has a sophisticated aura.

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A vintage rug can transform and bring life to any space. They are often rich in a variety of colors and their patterns, giving many possibilities to combine them. The new vintage style rugs combine beauty in interior decoration, but also practicality, because they are durable and easy to maintain. These features will give you the confidence that your purchase will last a lifetime. Their selection will elevate the atmosphere of your home.

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