Create your own Boho chic home with Scandi influences

Create your own Boho chic home with Scandi influences

Bohemian Style Decoration

What is boho or bohemian style decor

Boho-chic with scandi-style decor influences has come into our lives. Having left behind the outdated English countryside floral style, we move on to a more natural style, with calm tones and beautiful materials. Boho-chic or bohemian style decoration is inspired by people who love to travel, are directly connected to nature, using natural materials inspired by different parts of the world.

It uses simple lines on furniture in the natural colour of beech, walnut or oak and allows bright colours and special fabrics and objects to play a leading role. However, sometimes you can use  a unique piece of furniture or fixture that looks like it was brought back in a suitcase from another part of the world.

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Although there are no specific colours associated with this style of decoration, we prefer earth colours, metallics and jewel tones. Use colours such as white, ivory, brown, grey and green for the base and colours such as orange, aqua, blue electric, yellow and purple as well as touches of black and white.


Another key feature of boho-chic is the layering, the use of throws, carpets, fabrics that overlap with each other, giving a sloppy yet calm character to your bedroom or sofa.

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Tone on Tone

Select tones of grey, white and beige for a "tone on tone" style.

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Decorative Materials and Products

The general rule of Boho chic decoration is that there is no rule. However, we can safely say that boho-chic is not minimal. More is more – therefore, layering! Use many pillows and try different patterns on other type of patterns.

Place a macrame on your wall, bedding and sofa, and throw lots of pillows of different textures, patterns and sizes. 

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Don’t be afraid to use different textures and patterns that would not ordinarily suit other conventional decorating styles. They give a playful and exotic note to your room.

Use shaggy rugs, cotton decorative pillows, knitted blankets / duvets / quilts, and fur rugs / pillows and puff chairs.

The materials in this style of decoration look outdated and old but that's what makes them look more natural and earthy. Fringes, furs and pom-poms also provide a playful style to your room. Use handmade products, carpets, rugs, duvets and quilts as well as accessories from your travels or from different parts of the world.

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