4 tips για να δώσετε φθινοπωρινή διακόσμηση στο χώρο σας

4 tips to give autumn decoration to your space

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4 tips to give autumn decoration to your space

A change of season also means a change of mood and what could make you feel great after returning from your summer vacation, from the change of scenery from summer to autumn.

This year we will be able to make the best choices since we now know what our home needs and which corners highlight it.

For 2021 we want to get out of the ordinary, to move into a new era where relaxation, laughter, joy will be the main protagonists of our everyday life. Thus, our space should exude the same feelings. But at the same time, we want to bring nature into our home with special fabrics and colors that will remind us of our summer walks. The goal of the interior decoration for this year is to feel cozy inside the house both we and the guests we plan to have this year after a long time.

Based on the above, we recommend 4 tips that will transform your space to welcome this autumn.

Create a cozy atmosphere throughout the house


An organized approach to home decoration will give a sense of coherence as well as elegance. Similar colors and accents in many rooms of the house without exaggeration is what a home needs for the new season that is coming.

For the first cold autumn days, add soft blankets-throws in natural materials to the sofas.

By using shades that match each other, you can add the same warmth to your bedrooms.

They will give the space a cozy feel and will officially mark the start of the autumn-winter season.

Prefer natural fibers such as cotton, wool, both for the quality they exude and for the wonderful feeling when they hug you and your loved ones.

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Welcoming feeling with Pillows

Refresh your decorative pillows by adding more to the living room to create a hug for those who will be in your living room.

Your sofa will change the mood and the season by replacing the summer decoration by including cushions in warm colors and soft textures.

Choose velvet or handwoven cotton which are the protagonists of this winter and enjoy the feeling of warmth and unnecessary luxury it offers.

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Layering on carpets


The new trend in carpets is called layering. Keep your summer carpets such as mats and cotton kilims and add soft wallpaper or winter rugs to change the image to a more autumnal mood.

Choose fluffy weave, Berber, Moroccan, or synthetic fur and place with imagination and boldness in your space in the corners you want to show off.

Don't be afraid to be bold, the colors you can move in can stay in earth tones without bold accents.

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Transform the space that welcomes you when you first open your eyes, and puts you to sleep dreamily every night.

And in this room the goal is to create a warm embrace that will rest and relax you.

Layering does not have to stay on carpets. Try combining blankets, bedspreads, quilts or throws. With this technique you give a unique character to the space by highlighting your unique perspective.

Fluffy blankets and blankets, soft pillows, and soft wallpaper will bring a change of scenery to your most personal space.

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